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There are a wide variety of reasons why creating a sit-stand workspace can be a fantastic furniture solution for your business. There are potential health and comfort benefits for all of your workforce, particularly those with disabilities and back problems. If you are interested in hoteling or hot-desking, which is the practice of providing office space to employees on an as-needed basis, then height adjustable desks and other sit-stand solutions can be a great solution to fit a variety of heights and body types.

Researchers from a range of notable institutions have looked into the benefits of being able to both sit and stand throughout the working day. Findings include:


  • Significant decreases in the severity of musculoskeletal discomfort for most upper body regions.

  • Significantly less spinal shrinkage for office workers who stand for portions of the day

  • Body part discomfort decreasing an average of 62 percent, and the occurrence of injuries and illnesses decreasing by more than half

  • Workers taking shorter and fewer breaks when using sit to stand desks.

  • The enzymes that are responsible for burning fat appear to ‘shut down’ when we sit. Standing up while working therefore helps to reduce weight.

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